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Learn How Yoga and Yoga Therapy Can Help You

Learn How Yoga and Yoga Therapy Can Help You
Registered yoga teacher, Dr. Linda S. Alexander thinks that if more people were aware of the amazing benefits of Yoga and Yoga Therapy they would give it a try. Yoga is an ancient practice and has been helping people live happier lives for thousands of years.
"I think there are many misconceptions about what yoga is and what it can do for you, she notes. People think you have to be very fit, strong and flexible in order to benefit from yoga but that's not true." She notes that most of her students are in their 40s, 50s, 60s early 70s. However she has students who are younger and older than that too. They find that yoga helps them manage their stress and regain lost flexibility and balance. Over time yoga builds strength and can assist in maintaining bone density to fight osteoporosis. She also has a number of younger students who appreciate the benefits of the practice in helping them balance the demands of family, work and everything else!

Yoga therapy students come to see Dr. Alexander to address a specific problem. "So many illnesses and conditions are caused by are exacerbated by stress, "she notes.
Through yoga students learn breathing and relaxation techniques that can relieve many symptoms and reduce or eliminate the need for drugs or other treatments. It is also a great supportive tool for those require ongoing medical treatment. But the benefits extend far beyond breathing and relaxation. Specific poses can release tight muscles and ligaments and open the door to increased activity and comfort. Her students have included individuals with jaw (TMJ) pain, gastrointestinal bloating, neck pain, hip pain, headaches, and general malaise due to stress. Recently one of her students remarked, "I felt amazing when I left your house yesterday, it seems so simple."